Scent of Genoa, World’s First Scented City

From September 12th to October 13th, 2019, the historic center of Genoa hosted an unprecedented event: “Scent of Genoa, World’s First Scented City”, a unique initiative conceived and implemented by the Genoese startup Euthalia Fragrances in collaboration with the City of Genoa, the Liguria Region, and under the enthusiastic patronage of Mayor Marco Bucci.

For the first time in history, a city was transformed into a veritable olfactory oasis with the creation and launch of the “Genova” fragrance, inspired by the iconic scents of the magnificent city. The essence, characterized by the unmistakable note of basil, emblematic of Genoese cuisine and culture, was enriched with aromatic herbs typical of the Ligurian Riviera and a subtle spicy accent of clove, evoking Genoa’s glorious past as a Maritime Republic, once a crossroads of trade routes and a bridge between the East and the West.

The olfactory journey, extending over two kilometers, involved more than 200 businesses and dispersed over 500 liters of fragrance. The aromatic route began at Galleria Mazzini, continuing along Via Roma, Via XXV Aprile, passing by the Carlo Felice Theatre and Via Luccoli, then reaching Piazza Campetto, Via Banchi, Via degli Orefici, Via di Sottoripa, Via Canneto il Lungo, Piazza delle Erbe, Via San Lorenzo, and ending at Via di Scurreria, where the Euthalia Fragrances flagship store, festively decorated for the event, is located.

The event not only captured the enthusiasm of the Genoese but also that of the many tourists in the city during that period, creating a magical atmosphere that made Genoa the olfactory center of Europe. The initiative also resonated during the Genoa International Boat Show, held from September 19th to 24th, where the “Genova” fragrance was welcomed as the official scent of the fair, offering the 120,000 visitors a unique multisensory experience.

This project not only achieved national success but also gained international recognition, elevating Genoa to even greater prestige. The city of Genoa has thus become the first and only city in the world to have its own olfactory logo, a symbol destined to remain in the hearts and minds of all Genoese and lovers of the Superba from around the world.

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