“Genova” Fragrance Charms at the 59th Genoa International Boat Show

During the 59th Genoa International Boat Show, Euthalia Fragrances shone not only for its exhibition presence but also because its “Genova” fragrance was the official scent of the event. Coinciding with the “Scented Genoa” celebration in the city’s historic center, Euthalia presented itself with an exceptional stand, entirely dedicated to this exclusive fragrance.

The “Genova” fragrance, which captures the essence of the city with notes of basil, a mix of aromatic herbs and a subtle spicy accent of clove, played a central role at the fair, creating an olfactory link between the Boat Show and the vibrant heart of Genoa. Euthalia Fragrances’ innovative stand not only displayed this enticing fragrance but also offered a unique experience to visitors thanks to a collaboration with ETT, a leader in digital innovation.

At the Euthalia stand, hundreds of visitors had the opportunity to immerse themselves in an extraordinary virtual reality experience. Through the Oculus headset, participants were virtually transported among the alleys of Genoa and basil fields, all while enveloped in the intoxicating scent of the “Genova” fragrance. This multisensory experience not only enriched the perception of the fragrance but also intensified the emotional and sensory connection with the city.

Euthalia Fragrances’ participation at the Boat Show was an absolute triumph, marking a moment of great success for the Genoese startup. The fair represented a true multisensory experience that captured the overwhelming enthusiasm of the visitors, consolidating the link between Genoa’s cultural heritage and Euthalia Fragrances’ olfactory innovation. With this initiative, the “Genova” fragrance once again demonstrated how a scent can transform into a powerful symbol of city identity and pride.

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