A Journey through Art, History and Philosophy: Raku Ceramic

Japan, 16th century. Raku ware, a type of Japanese pottery made to celebrate the harmony of small things, the beauty of simplicity, the genuineness of shapes, was born.

In traditional Japanese culture, tea ceremonies represent the highest expression of Wabi-Sabi aesthetic philosophy where two opposites, the pursuit of perfection and the intrinsic man’s imperfection, meet each other and find their symbolic balance in the transience of life. This thought is transformed into material through the chawan tea bowls, and Raku ware is the mean through which Wabi-Sabi’s ideal of imperfect and transient beauty is expressed, thanks to the simple and austere aspect of these hand-made objects.

Raku means “live nature with joy and harmony”. This philosophy has been taken and interpreted by an Italian ceramist Maestro, able to push his oestrus beyond any creativity limits and to give birth to the Made in Italy Raku Pottery, tailor-made for Euthalia Fragrances.

Like the scented spices, also Raku wares came to us after a journey through the silk road, leaving from the furthest East borders. As for the former, Raku ceramic has met the fine taste of Italian artists, who have given their imprint in terms of creativity too. A matching that results in a brilliant “contamination” of know-how, arts and cultures; a fertile world heritage about which only a select few are able to catch the sublime material and spiritual essence.


The Meeting: Raku Pottery and Euthalia Fragrances

Clay vases, shaped one by one and decorated with crystalline enamels and natural oxides, enter the firing mouth of the kiln. Ceramics are then extracted from the fiery kiln and placed into a tin container full of combustible material that, once in touch with the red-hot pot, reduces it and leaves certain colours and patterns.

It is the genesis of creation; the fertile collision of Earth with the power of Fire and the vital breath of Air.

Like the mythological Hephaestus, the ceramist Maestro feeds and smothers the fire that wraps the vase, brightening and toning down the oxides saturation and creating nuances, vibrant colours and decorative geometries that are in a constant, unceasing evolution. All of this is made possible by the crash of the four natural elements: Earth, Air, Fire and Water.

As a matter of fact, by dipping and cooling the vase in water, the Maestro fixes forever its essence, in a unique combination of shapes and colours. The creation is complete.

Euthalia Fragrances chose Raku amphorae as diffusers for its exclusive scents, catching the emotional richness of these objects. It is a combination of original sensory sensations: a marriage between tradition and innovation, simplicity and sophistication. Handworks and fragrances that tell their own story, unique and not replicable.

It is the extraordinary synthesis of Zen philosophy: the perfect harmony between being and having. Being in harmony with an environment that is cosy thanks to the presence of Euthalia’s fragrances and their intriguing alchemy, and having, at the same time, a luxury, unique, inimitable furnishing accessory.
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