A common passion, the love for traveling. The desire to tell the emotions lived in a trip and the intuition of doing it through the sense of smell, the most enigmatic of the five senses. And so Euthalia Fragrances was born. The story of three young men, brothers and friends of a lifetime, that have decided to live again and tell the unique and unforgettable sensations of their travels through the creation of olfactive experiences.

The roots of the idea are settled in Genoa, the Ancient Maritime Republic, where their journey begins. They retraced the old commercial routes that connected The Superb with Grasse, the world’s capital of perfume and home of the most sensitive noses worldwide. In such a suggestive and prestigious setting, defined by its history and tradition, their emotions are translated into scents.

Euthalia, in Ancient Greek, means Blooming Flower. As its logo: Euthalia is represented by a precious Bud, the most refined celebration of beauty, purity and elegance. These features were the most aimed by the great artists of the Ancient Greece, who made it eternal with their masterpieces.

Euthalia builds up its philosophy and belief driven by core values such as the research of the highest quality of raw materials and attention to details. Many months of studies and research have passed before it has been possible to create what, according to Euthalia, represents the concept of fragrance: Harmony, Balance, Perfection. The highest expression of a personal emotion.

A perfume is a work of art, a silent poetry. An unlimited form of expression, able to communicate with anybody through its olfactive notes and to create an emotive bond between person and environment, settling inside the deepest memory of those who breath it.

Euthalia creates sensations, emotions, experiences. Euthalia describes deep passion through the universal language of perfume. Art and Emotions: this is Euthalia Fragrances, able to transform a simple moment into an experience. As a Perfume. As a Work of Art.

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