The Journey of Our Scents

The journey of our fragrances starts in Genoa, with Guglielmo Embriaco, at the end of the 11th Century. Year 1099, First Crusade. Guglielmo Embriaco, Genoese merchant with a genuine business acumen, equips two vessels and, heading eastwards, gets to the Jaffa Harbor.

Though, the advent of a massive hostile navy, obliges Embriaco to dismantle the ships and carry them inland towards Jerusalem, long besieged by the Count of Toulouse.

Guglielmo Mallet Head

Guglielmo Embriaco not only was an excellent seaman, but also a great strategist. Together with his sailors and boat builders, they converted the lumber from their dismantled ships into massive siege towers. Thus, he marched with his sailors to the assault of Jerusalem's walls, leading his "army" to the conquest of the Holy City.

Thanks to his warlike fury and his military leadership, Guglielmo Embriaco earns his sobriquet "Mallet Head".

"Januensis Ergo Mercator”

The triumphal return to his mother land, full of fame and richness, marks the turning point of Genoa's destiny.
As a matter of fact, the local noble families, following the footsteps of Mallet Head, focused on conquering new harbors and commercial bases, expanding Genoa's influence around the Mediterranean Sea, even beyond the Pillars of Hercules.

From Antioch, Byzantium and Trabzon ports, Genoese galleys carried into Europe treasures even more precious and rare than gold: spices and the mysterious secrets of the perfumery's craft, luxury tented by all the fancy European Courts.

Genoa, The Superb

Starting from the 11th Century, incense, myrrh and all the scarcest spices and scents distilled by Arabian alchemists, move into the Genoese galleys' holds towards Marseille, Malaga, Southampton and Bruges ports. Genoa will be the spotlight of all the greatest European powerhouses, set to become "The Superb" over the centuries.

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